The world is a very visual place, a picture can say a thousand words and almost everyone has a camera in their pocket these days. Photography is art, a memory and a way to convey a message.

It’s important that the photographer you hire is aware of your needs and has the knowledge to realise your dreams. At New Media Scene, photography and design go hand in hand; we look at the whole project and ensure that your personality or business image shines through.

Product photography

Presentation of your products is the key to success. We produce high quality in-studio or on location photographs ready for inclusion in your catalogue, in-store display, website or blog. The finished photos can be supplied in any format you require.

Event photography

Company meeting, Conference or Party photography, formal or reportage style.

Environmental – office/shop/estate agent

Do you need a great photograph of your restaurant, café, factory, office or boat?

Selling your house?

Why not hire us to carefully take the photographs and make your property stand out from the rest.

Retouching / Restoration

Often a good photograph can be made better with a little care and attention, we have techniques to enhance photographs, remove distracting objects and create a real focal point. We can also clean up and restore old damaged photographs although the results depend on exactly how damaged the original image is. Contact us for more details.

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